Meet the Zipper Lady

I am a full time working, married, mother of a beautiful boy named Benjamin. I work in a jail, as a therapist, with individuals that battle from issues related to drugs and alcohol. This career choice came after growing up in a family of addiction. I have a very stressful job and have learned over the years that it is important for me to have some form of stress relief. My creative mind allows to express myself while making others smile.

Through my quest in creating an outlet for myself I was inspired to work with old materials to make new treasures. Zippers were attractive to me because I was reinventing there conventional use.

My process began with the search for zippers. I was fortunate enough to find a lady that had 8000 zippers in her basement, she acquired them from her great grandmother that owned a sewing store. She had no use for the zippers and just wanted to get rid of them. Little did she know that her trash was about to become my treasure.

All my  patterns have been completly inspired and designed by me to attract a vast population. I only use recycle vintage zippers that have the cotton metal component.

Please feel free to view my merchandise